Month: February 2016

Sometimes You Just Need A Good Laugh

Me Talk Pretty One Day

I’m currently reading Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.  It was recommended to me from a couple of co workers.  I’m exactly half-way through and I’m glad I picked it up.  Not all reads have to be serious or business focused.  I’m in a moment in life that I needed a light read and reason to throw my head back and laugh. (more…)

2/12…One month in!


Today I am one month into my 112 Books challenge!  I’m glad I had this idea as the experience has been quite rewarding!  To date, I’ve read a total of exactly 12 books.  A bit ahead of my 9-10 book average.  The Blizzard of 2016 certainly helped out a great deal.   (more…)

Lenten Season 2016

It's Not What You Think.jpg

I along with Christians all over the world are preparing my heart, mind, and soul at the beginning of this Lent Season.  Lent (a 40 day season) is a time to reflect, sacrifice, and grow stronger in the Lord in preparation for Easter Sunday.  I often go to church to start Lenten Season and decide what I’m going to give up for the 40 day period.  Last year I followed a reading plan on the Bible app.  I will do that agin this year, but I will also include this read:

 It’s Not What You Think: Why Christianity Is About So Much More Than Going To Heaven When You Die by Jefferson Bethke.   A couple of weeks ago, I came across this book in Barnes and Noble.  It was really the end of the title that caught my attention.  I’ve been a born again believer since a very young age and I think it will be a good chin-check for me during this Lenten season about what I am doing with my Christianity.  The back cover:  (more…)

Introducing the 112 Book Club

2 Black History Month Reads

After starting the 112 Books reading challenge, many have asked me to share my reads.  I want to continue my journey and share with others so….ladies and gentleman I present:

The 112 Book Club *throws glitter* *pops champagne*

Since February is also Black History Month, I’d like to kick off the 112 Book Club by introducing 2 books for the month.  Both by authors of color with very compelling, diverse novels: (more…)

What I read in January….

January Books

January was a busy month! Thanks to my birthday “Books and Bottles” party, being sick, and the Blizzard of 2016, I was able to read quite a lot between 1/12 and the end of the month.  I enjoyed the following books:

  • Thrive
  • The 22 Day Revolution
  • Better Than Before
  • Main Street Vegan
  • How Not to Die
  • One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey
  • Tipping Point
  • Frances and Bernard
  • Lake People

I kicked off the month with Thrive (unofficial January Book Club selection!) by Arianna Huffington.  Its a good book to kick off the New Year when everyone is on their grind.  It presents a strong message around living a balanced life and how to do it with concepts we’ve all heard before such as: meditation, sleep, exercise, eating well, giving, etc.  A nice deep dive and great perspective.

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin was a cool read about habits.  I enjoyed a previous work by Rubin: The Happiness Project.  I’ve also read The Power of Habit and that book changed my perspective around why and how I do the things I do.  Better Than Before built on that concept.  Good read.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell was also a great read about how phenomenons occur and how to create your own tipping points in life and business.  As a sales person, I found this to be quite interesting and helpful.  I’ll always consider the things behind phenomenons, epidemics, rise in business, sensations, etc going forward.

After reading The 22 Day Revolution, I was inspired to give plant-based eating or going vegan a try.  I am currently at day 19 and really enjoy the benefits of a plant-based diet.  Upon my decision to go vegan, I read Main Street Vegan and How Not to Die-both of which I really enjoyed and read rather quickly.  Of all my January reads I would say these 3 books left a lasting impression on me.  Regardless of if you’re looking to go vegan or not, all 3 books present a VERY compelling case about plant-based eating.


So Why Am I Doing This?

I’ve been an avid reader since a very young age.  As an aspiring writer, there are many ways I connect with reading.  The idea to read 112 books was an impulse decision.  My birthday is on January 12th.  Like many people, I consider my birthday as my personal New Year.  This year for my personal New Year, I’ve already started thinking about how I can prepare mind, body, and soul for my 40th birthday (2 years away).  I had just picked up my 1st read of 2016 Thrive by Arianna Huffington when I thought: I should set a book goal for the year.  112 easily became the magic number. I identify with that number all the time because of my birthday.  In 2015, I read 60 books and I knew 112 books would be a challenge I would enjoy.

I posted my 112 Books idea on social media and instantly got a lot of good book recommendations. The idea of soliciting book suggestions was genius because I have received book recommendations for things that I would not normally select for myself.  I’ve been stretched so much already and this is only the beginning.  Now my booklist is well past 112 Books and growing by the day.

Feel free to keep the recommendations coming!