So Why Am I Doing This?

I’ve been an avid reader since a very young age.  As an aspiring writer, there are many ways I connect with reading.  The idea to read 112 books was an impulse decision.  My birthday is on January 12th.  Like many people, I consider my birthday as my personal New Year.  This year for my personal New Year, I’ve already started thinking about how I can prepare mind, body, and soul for my 40th birthday (2 years away).  I had just picked up my 1st read of 2016 Thrive by Arianna Huffington when I thought: I should set a book goal for the year.  112 easily became the magic number. I identify with that number all the time because of my birthday.  In 2015, I read 60 books and I knew 112 books would be a challenge I would enjoy.

I posted my 112 Books idea on social media and instantly got a lot of good book recommendations. The idea of soliciting book suggestions was genius because I have received book recommendations for things that I would not normally select for myself.  I’ve been stretched so much already and this is only the beginning.  Now my booklist is well past 112 Books and growing by the day.

Feel free to keep the recommendations coming!


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  1. You’re awesome..I enjoy reading your post about books. I wish I could fit reading a book into my busy life. Keep up the good work I’ll continue to follow your journey…Much love and respect!!!

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