2/12…One month in!


Today I am one month into my 112 Books challenge!  I’m glad I had this idea as the experience has been quite rewarding!  To date, I’ve read a total of exactly 12 books.  A bit ahead of my 9-10 book average.  The Blizzard of 2016 certainly helped out a great deal.  

Also since I’ve been eating a plant-based diet, I’m obsessed with learning more about it so some of those books were VERY easy to read.  My favorite book I’ve read so far has been How Not to Die.  It was so informative and presented a lot of compelling evidence around the benefits of plant based eating.  I read this after reading Main Street Vegan-another book about plant-based eating that I loved.  Reading How Not to Die after reading Main Street Vegan was a good move.  The 22 Day Revolution was what finally convinced me to give eating plant-based a try.  Main Street Vegan made me even more comfortable with my decisions and gave practical way to approach this lifestyle.  Finally, How Not to Die solidified I was doing the right thing and making much better eating choices

As you can see, I’ve already completed one of the February 112 Book Club sections: Americanah.  I read that in about 2 days-it was so good! I was totally wrapped into the lives of these characters…but more about them in my Book Club recap post. An unassuming love story just in time for Valentine’s Day ❤ .

I have 12 more books from my 112 Books and Bottle Birthday Party and 4 more digital books ready to read. I will do more book reviews in the future now that this blog is up and running…


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