Do You Talk Funny?

Do You Talk Funny

Generally, I do not have a fear of public speaking.  However, I do have moments of nervousness and uncertainty.  More so as an adult.  When I was younger, I was pretty fearless when it came to public speaking.  Now, especially in my professional life, I don’t always enjoy it.  This is for a couple of reasons:

  1.  The stakes are higher.  I have strong career ambition and want to excel at work.  Public speaking is a natural thing that comes with my job, but some moments are more critical than others.  Some messages have to nailed perfectly.  The higher I go in my career the more important my communication to the team gets.  THAT makes me nervous.  THAT makes me want to be a better communicator.
  2. Judgement.  I don’t know when I really started giving a damn about what people think, but I do.  More than I’d like to admit.  As a result, my nerves get the best of me when I feel like people are judging me.

To combat these issues, I prepare myself.  Nothing beats insecurity like preparation.  To quote Arthur Ashe “An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” I purchased this book “Do You Talk Funny” to learn another technique in public speaking.  One thing I’m pretty bad at: humor.  This book is not about telling jokes but rather more about being witty and the power of story telling.

We can all develop new skills. It’s important to me to deliver a powerful and engaging message.  Consider this the first of many public speaking books I’ll share with you.


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