I Shouldn’t Have Left You


It’s been a long time.  But! I’ve been READING y’all.  So much has happened-including a big move for me.  I’m settled now and can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been reading. As I write this I am starting to read my 49th book and have 7 books to finish by July 12 which will mark the 6 month point in my journey.  I am looking to have completed 56 books on that date which means I need to buckle down to read those 7 books in the next 19 days.  It can be done.  It WILL be done!  Anyway here’s a little bit about what I’ve SO enjoyed reading:

Shoe Dog

Oh. My.  Goodness!  What an inspiring and motivating read.  As a business professionals, fan (and shareholder) of Nike it was fascinating to read the memoir of Phil Knight and the history of Nike.  So many take aways about doing business globally and the power of being loyal and building lasting relationships.

Big Girl Panties

A light, funny read by Stephanie Evanovich who’s written many books but this was the first I’ve read from her.  I will read more of her work in the future.  This was a cute story of an over weight widow who fell in love with her dope personal trainer.  I’m a sucker for a little chick lit and this was good.

10 percent happier

Dan Harris is one of my favorite anchors on GMA and I’ve seen his book referenced in so many other books about balance and meditation.  His personal experience and journey was insightful and HILARIOUS.  I’ve increased my effort to mediate daily as a result.

I’m going to review others that I’ve read also.  Stay tuned…I’m back!

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