How Do You Book Shop?

Book shopping

I LOVE SHOPPING! Especially for books. Hanging out at the book store for HOURS combing over title after title is one of my favorite ways to spend time. Barnes and Noble is a prevalent bookstore in my neck of woods and I like their layout.  Especially with the best sellers and hot new books right up front.  But let me breakdown for you how I go through the bookstore in sections:


I often beeline here after checking out what’s new.  This is probably my favorite section since that’s my favorite genre to read.


Always a student of business, I love reading company profiles (think autobiographies for companies).  Thanks to my awesome career, I relish every opportunity I get to learn to lead better or differently.

Christian Section:

I’m all about being a better person and this section often has books from Christian thought leaders that inspire me to do so while helping me remember who’s at the center of all I do.


If its not at the front of the store, its here for sure.  I also use this area to pick up titles from authors that I’ve enjoyed reading before.

Current Events:

In most Barnes and Noble you need to make your way back to the front of the store for this but the section is really good.  I often pick a few titles from here.

Travel: Duh

Magazines: Before I went digital with my iPad, I used to come here quite often but now its sporadic.

Reading is expensive and so sometimes, I take photos of what I want to read or perhaps download the digital copy of later.  I often have a pile of books in my hand and have to edit before reaching the register, otherwise I’ll easily spend a couple hundred dollars.

How do you spend your time in the bookstore?

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