Terry McMillian: I Almost Forgot About YOU!

I Almost Forgot About You

I’m just going to say it.  Terry McMillan made a come back with her latest novel, “I Almost Forgot About You”.  I have not read a Terry McMillan book since the 90s people.  There I was in the Barnes and Noble and right at the new releases table was this gem.  I LOVED it!  Let me tell you why:

  1.  The book is very classic “tell-it-like-it-is” Terry McMillan.  It’s brutally honest and laugh out loud funny.  She has a way of making you want to meet these characters in person while also feeling like you know them already.
  2. Dr. Georgia Young is a woman that realizes she has a problem and makes drastic changes to do something about it.  She’s a woman who is honest with herself and has honest friends and family in her life.
  3. The book allows you to dream out loud.  It delivers the inspiring and empowering message that it is never to late to do anything (no matter how crazy), pick up where you left off, forgive (yourself, too), move on, and start over all at the same time.

In your 50’s (yes 50s) you can be more vibrant and alive than some of these young people running around.  I had so much fun reading this book and was so sad it was over.  It should definitely be a movie! Terry has a knack for that you know 😉


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