The Concept of Grit


Genius or Hard Work?  Cue Allen Iverson: “We talking bout practice?”

This book makes a compelling case about the value and benefit of hard work.  Psychologist and author Angela Duckworth profiles subjects from all walks of life: sports, business, education and more. Think of all those people thriving at the top of their game-you may be surprised at how they really got there.  This book argues a particular factor that separates those who excel and those who do not. Excellent vs Average could possibly be boiled down to one trait if you will…

I picked up this book because I already believed that I was a “gritty” person…until I “met” some of the subjects in this book.  Additionally,  I took the “grit test” and didn’t get the score I thought I would.  This study gives true examples of grit and achievement in excellence.  I’m confident I have not achieved levels of success or excellence myself due to some of the very points raised in this book. Good news is you can grow grit…through perseverance of course.

One of my favorite people profiled in the book is Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.  Now, I’m not a fan of the Seahawks. (Get your life-HTTR all day!)  Still, after reading Pete’s approach to competing, grit, and winning. I’m a bit fan of his philosophy.

Looking to be motivated?  Think you’re pretty gritty ?  Think you could use some work in the perseverance department?  All great reasons to pick up this fantastic book!


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