Book 100: Ego is the Enemy


Well guys its official.  I have read 100 books this year.  I only have 12 books to read between now and my birthday on January 12, 2017.  I didn’t know when I selected Ego is the Enemy to be my 100th read that I would get so much perspective about this journey of reading and blogging about reading 112 Books.

Many things stood out to me about this book but one that really struck me was the section under Aspire. This section called out a lot of things for me such as talking about what you are going to do versus doing it first then sharing if you must.  I think I am pretty action oriented, but something hit me like a ton of bricks after reading the Aspire section: 

For the better part of these 100 books, I have posted the book I am about to start reading on social media.  People often ask me how I like the book or what I think of the book posted.  I often couldn’t respond in real time because I had not finished reading the book.  Also, writing this blog has been stressful. I didn’t take into consideration how time consuming it would be to read 112 books and blog about it!  Over the past few months I have tried everything from setting up tasks to a reading schedule to stay on track with reading.  After reading this section of book, I made one small decision:  Read the book first.  Yes! I will finish reading the book first.  Then I will write a blog post about it.  THEN I will share it on social media.  Took me 100 books in to think about that LOL.

Ego is the Enemy is one book I wish I read sooner.  It is quite the thought provoking read about why I do things I do professionally and personally.  I am now evaluating how I handle myself in moments of success and failure.  This book has caused me to question why I do the things I do in the manner in which I do them.  More importantly, how I will change.

12 books to go.  I have learned so many things.  I can’t wait to share.  As for now, I am just focused on finishing.



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