Month: January 2017

Mood: The Subtle Art


Disclaimer: Yes this book has strong language.  If you can move past that, then you will find the even stronger message you need.  I’ve heard great things about this book and just as I was about to purchase it, my bestie gave it to me as a gift.  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck begins with a not so subtle call to action to stop giving a fuck and pursue the things you need to in life. Sounds like my kind of book right? (more…)

Read All the Things


During this past year of reading 112 books, one thing of note:  I’ve read so many other things!  I love articles in magazines, newspapers, and reading apps.  Yes friends, I read ALL the things, all the time!  In addition to books here are just a few of my favorite things to read: (more…)

Read Write Create


I’ve been looking for fun, creative ways to celebrate the completion of my reading challenge.  Additionally, I wanted to inspire myself to keep with my writing this year.  I love surrounding myself with words and writing.  For years, I’ve thought about getting a tattoo incorporating words.  After playing around with a variety of different fonts, I got the suggestion to use my own handwriting.  I did and loved it.  Instead of a simple circle, I thought about using a wine stain.  Then I was invited to a tattoo expo… (more…)

1.12.17 What I’ve Learned



I was gifted this very cool book which is a compilation of articles from the “What I’ve Learned” feature in Esquire Magazine.  Profiles from people such as VP Joe Biden, comedian Kevin Hart, and actor Robert De Nero are apart of this collection.  With the gift, came the charge to create my own feature.  Figured it would be a fun idea for my birthday:



Journaling: Think. Say. WRITE. Do.


I’ve had a long love affair for reading and writing.  In high school and even more so in college I used to write all of my thoughts and brainstorms into a composition notebook.  If you’re anything like me with thoughts running through your mind all day long, journaling (and meditation!) will help you leverage those thoughts.  Here are my favorite benefits of journaling:  (more…)

I love a good Cookbook!


The first step in eating well is cooking for yourself.  I enjoy cooking for the most part.  I’ve made excuses in the past about being too busy.  Truth is I don’t often have a plan to cook.  Last year, I started off the year living a vegan lifestyle.  Learning and having the discipline to be vegan needed to start at home cooking for myself.   After being vegan for 3ish months, I did begin eating fish and then later meat.  I think you will see from these cookbooks that I am inspired by cooking light, healthy food that is just as delicious as food you’d get while eating out.  I want to enjoy the cooking experience.  I didn’t count cookbooks in my 112 challenge but here are my favorite cookbooks during my year of reading 112 books: (more…)