I love a good Cookbook!


The first step in eating well is cooking for yourself.  I enjoy cooking for the most part.  I’ve made excuses in the past about being too busy.  Truth is I don’t often have a plan to cook.  Last year, I started off the year living a vegan lifestyle.  Learning and having the discipline to be vegan needed to start at home cooking for myself.   After being vegan for 3ish months, I did begin eating fish and then later meat.  I think you will see from these cookbooks that I am inspired by cooking light, healthy food that is just as delicious as food you’d get while eating out.  I want to enjoy the cooking experience.  I didn’t count cookbooks in my 112 challenge but here are my favorite cookbooks during my year of reading 112 books:

Oh She Glows

Skinny Taste

Simple Green Smoothies

The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook

Things I love in a cookbook are: amazing photos to inspire me while I’m cooking, easy instructions, and lots of options in recipes.  The book I’ve probably used the most is Simple Green Smoothies (technically not a “cook” book).  I also get inspiration to alter the recipes in these books to make other things.  If you are looking to cook more healthy, delicious foods in the new year, I encourage you to give one of these cookbooks a look.


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