Journaling: Think. Say. WRITE. Do.


I’ve had a long love affair for reading and writing.  In high school and even more so in college I used to write all of my thoughts and brainstorms into a composition notebook.  If you’re anything like me with thoughts running through your mind all day long, journaling (and meditation!) will help you leverage those thoughts.  Here are my favorite benefits of journaling: 

Declaration: Don’t underestimate the power of writing things down.  I’ve read so many business profiles and memoirs of successful people.  Inevitably at some moment in their journey, pen meets paper (or often napkin).  In this era of technology, I’m a big believer that somethings still need to be written.  Writing things down is the beginning of you keeping a promise to yourself.  Writing in a journal is a powerful tool to set the tone for your day, week or year long thoughts and aspirations. Ever have an idea and forget about it later?  Often our thoughts (even really good ones) are so fleeting. Thoughts also come from a range of different emotions.  Writing them down, centers your thoughts, connects you to your ideas, and helps provide clarity.

Planning and Execution:  No dream becomes reality unless you do something about it.  As I’ve heard TD Jakes say : “It will work , if you work it!”  Writing actionable steps to help move you closer to achieving your goals is a great use case for journaling.  For many years professionally, I used a journal to plan and execute. It gave me an incredible competitive edge. In so many meetings, I would be the only one writing in my notebook.  I’d write down goals, commitments and action steps made by the group.  Meeting by meeting, I’d often be the only one prepared and ready to follow up on commitments pleasing clients, team members and leadership. Overtime, I have gained the reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy professional.  I assure you, I am not always the smartest person in the room, but I am the person in the room that will do what she commits to do and journaling helps me achieve this.

Reflection:  When journaling goes right, you will surprise even yourself with what you do.  So many things happen when I review journal entires of past.  I beam with pride or I cringe in embarrassment.  I’ve been so overwhelmed with emotion that tears fall.  When I see how far I’ve grown from a particular pain point, I am humbled, grateful and inspired.  I’m encouraged that if God brought me through one situation, He can bring me through again.  It’s right there in my own words! *praise break*  There are too times I am frustrated about what has not come to be.  I’m amused by how my expectations and goals grown bigger each time I go to bat at something in my life. Other times I see that somethings (about me) never change…”Never change, this is Jay everyday”-Jay Z


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