1.12.17 What I’ve Learned



I was gifted this very cool book which is a compilation of articles from the “What I’ve Learned” feature in Esquire Magazine.  Profiles from people such as VP Joe Biden, comedian Kevin Hart, and actor Robert De Nero are apart of this collection.  With the gift, came the charge to create my own feature.  Figured it would be a fun idea for my birthday:


Reading is a privilege I am humbled to experience. Over 700 million people (60% of them women) across the world are illiterate. I am a true lover of words.  Reading and writing are gifts for which I am grateful.

I want every aspect of my life to be an epic blowout. From small things like dinner or vacation spots, to goals like reading 112 books. If I am involved, I want it to be jaw-dropping.  That often comes at a price.

Too much wine is a thing…sadly

Running taught me that with the right discipline my body can do anything.

It takes a village to raise, maintain, love, and deal with me. I thank God everyday for the family and friends that make up JMo’s village.

You can do everything right and things can still go wrong. You can be wronged.  That’s life.  It happens.  I’ve learned to move on quicker than I used to.  Forgiveness is for you. Forgive yourself and others. Then let that ish go.

Control your emotions.

I truly have the world’s greatest nephews.

Fear can be good when you leverage it to be thorough and prepared. Fear is awful when it leads to inaction.

The real work is not the consumption of information.  The real work is in the application of information.

When in doubt…when anxious… even when certain, go to God with all things in prayer.

Keep an open hand. When your hand is open to give, it is also open to receive.

I absolutely love kisses, balloons, infinity pools, sunsets, words, wine, cupcakes, and talking to people.

On failure: Be disappointed. Scratch your head. Cry about it. Reflect for a moment. Then, KEEP GOING!

Having you on this journey with me is a wonderful gift.  Thank you!


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