Read Write Create


I’ve been looking for fun, creative ways to celebrate the completion of my reading challenge.  Additionally, I wanted to inspire myself to keep with my writing this year.  I love surrounding myself with words and writing.  For years, I’ve thought about getting a tattoo incorporating words.  After playing around with a variety of different fonts, I got the suggestion to use my own handwriting.  I did and loved it.  Instead of a simple circle, I thought about using a wine stain.  Then I was invited to a tattoo expo…

While this was not my first tattoo, it was my first tattoo expo. I arrived at the expo with my idea and photo in mind.  With hundreds of artists at the expo, I quickly became intimidated and out of my element.  After making a couple of rounds, I met Cassandra.  She was friendly and engaging.  From looking at her portfolio, looked like she thrived doing water coloring like work.  Since I felt comfortable with her, I shared with her my thoughts on the wine stain. I really wanted it to look like a true wine stain.  The photo I had was a bit too perfect looking to be a believable stain. Cassandra felt she could bring my vision to life.  At first stab, I immediately loved the work she did to bring with wine stain to life.  Problem was she altered my hand writing and I did not like the outcome.  She was able to trace my actual handwriting instead and then I loved the tattoo!

I learned in working with other artists, it is important to let artists specialize in what they do best.  But it is also okay to speak your mind and ensure your vision comes to life.  Same is true in business and in life.  I loved the process and outcome so much so that I wanted to get another tattoo right away.  In the end, I decided to take more time thinking of what I really want so I will be just as pleased with the results.



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