Read All the Things


During this past year of reading 112 books, one thing of note:  I’ve read so many other things!  I love articles in magazines, newspapers, and reading apps.  Yes friends, I read ALL the things, all the time!  In addition to books here are just a few of my favorite things to read:

Runner’s World Magazine  Yaaaassss.  Let me tell you.  I read Runner’s World magazine for like 2 years before I actually became a runner.  Yup, it’s that good!  Its easily one of my favorite magazines.   I just love reading about other runners.  From new runners to olympians, we all have a story. The article that got me running?  It was called “Why is Running So White?”  It introduced me to Black Girls Run!  I no longer run with BGR, but they are everywhere.  I still cheer them on when I see them in races and such.  Today while reading Runner’s World, I enjoy reviews about shoes, running trails, a runner’s diet,  you name it.

Fast Company My parents gave me an entrepreneurial spirit as a youngster.  My mom owned a quilt shop and has done freelance work for over 30 years.  My dad instilled in me the skills to be the ultimate corporate professional. The combination of them both paired with 16 years of professional experience is why I love the work I do.  Fast Company magazine speaks to folks like me.  I love reading profiles on people who are passionate about what they do for a living.  The magazine is full of great tips from successful people.

Essence  I’ve been reading Essence magazine my entire life!  My mom had a subscription and she would be so mad if I flipped through her magazine before she did.  Needless to say she fussed often. Essence profiles issues relevant to all women of color including features on celebrities, professionals, family life, finance, and issues impacting our community.   I’ve always dreamed of writing an article published in Essence magazine.

Flipboard Flipboard is a digital magazine.  A catchall of short articles from a vast array of online content.  Flipboard has popular magazine content from my favs (such as Runner’s World) to everyday people like me that create their own magazines on the platform.  I think Flipboard is best consumed on an iPad as the customizable layout is beautiful.

Travel and Leisure  When I have a serious case of wanderlust, I read T&L.  The pages are filled with inspiration to travel in the form of recommendations to eat, lodge, and explore. My favorite issue is the Reader’s Choice issue!  I have booked resorts and restaurants based on those reviews.  I have never been disappointed. Soon I’ll be island hopping off the Amalfi Coast!



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