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My last memoir of this challenge and it was a good one!  Forward is the memoir of global soccer star Abby Wamback.  In a candid, humorous  tone Abby shares the highs of her career and the lows of addiction.  In whole its a summary of a true champion.

Love, Loss, and What We Ate

Love, Loss, and What We Ate

You never know what people go through in their lives.  Everyone’s journey is so interesting and unique. We all endure trouble, heartbreak, disappointment and handle  these things differently.  Learning how people triumph is why I love reading memoirs. (more…)

Yes, Chef

Yes, Chef

I love reading memoirs, especially those of successful people.  The arena of success does not matter to me.  I just love reading about the hustle behind the come up.   I am familiar with Marcus Samuelsson and his accomplishments.  I know about his Harlem restaurant, Red Rooster.  I can think of the countless times I’ve seen him on the Food Network or read about him in a magazine.  This memoir takes you on a wonderful journey.   (more…)