Thank You.


Today is the one year anniversary of my reading blog 112books.com.  This site was born out of my challenge to read 112 books between my birthdays (1.12.16-1.12.17). Often, friends asked me to share my favorite reads, ideas, and takeaways.  So I created 112books.com.  I used this blog to keep the 112 books reading list which exceeded my expectations thanks to suggestions from family, friends, and strangers (I got over 240 recommended titles). While I’ve been a blogger for over 5 years, this blog was the first in which the content was all written by me.  I’m proud of that. Not only am I proud, but I’ve been inspired to expand my horizons beyond just my love of reading and writing book reviews.

Allow me to introduce my new writing platform: View112.com.  As an advocate of literacy, at View 112 I will continue to write about reading. On this new site, I will also write about other passions and experiences such as travel, technology, health&wellness, social issues, and professional development.  I am hopeful my content on View 112 will evolve and grow as I do.  I have aspirations to write a book, preferably in my favorite genre: business. This new site will help me cultivate my ideas and tweak my material.  Writing gives me an outlet to connect, share my perspective, and build relationships in a way that is special to me.  Check out your girl on my new site View112.com.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


Mood: The Subtle Art


Disclaimer: Yes this book has strong language.  If you can move past that, then you will find the even stronger message you need.  I’ve heard great things about this book and just as I was about to purchase it, my bestie gave it to me as a gift.  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck begins with a not so subtle call to action to stop giving a fuck and pursue the things you need to in life. Sounds like my kind of book right? (more…)

1.12.17 What I’ve Learned



I was gifted this very cool book which is a compilation of articles from the “What I’ve Learned” feature in Esquire Magazine.  Profiles from people such as VP Joe Biden, comedian Kevin Hart, and actor Robert De Nero are apart of this collection.  With the gift, came the charge to create my own feature.  Figured it would be a fun idea for my birthday:



Journaling: Think. Say. WRITE. Do.


I’ve had a long love affair for reading and writing.  In high school and even more so in college I used to write all of my thoughts and brainstorms into a composition notebook.  If you’re anything like me with thoughts running through your mind all day long, journaling (and meditation!) will help you leverage those thoughts.  Here are my favorite benefits of journaling:  (more…)

Can you Judge a book by its cover?

Do you judge a book by its cover?.jpg

I’ve always been a sucker for packaging.  Many of the books I’ve been drawn to first caught my attention simply from its cover.  However, 9/10 times after reading the description of the book, I often decide I’m not interested.  Still, the cover does get me to pick up the book and see what its all about.  This is important to me as an aspiring author.  The cover-and the title (which I’m way more drawn to) is what keeps my attention.  Tell me, can you judge a book by its cover?


I Shouldn’t Have Left You


It’s been a long time.  But! I’ve been READING y’all.  So much has happened-including a big move for me.  I’m settled now and can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been reading. As I write this I am starting to read my 49th book and have 7 books to finish by July 12 which will mark the 6 month point in my journey.  I am looking to have completed 56 books on that date which means I need to buckle down to read those 7 books in the next 19 days.  It can be done.  It WILL be done!  Anyway here’s a little bit about what I’ve SO enjoyed reading: (more…)

30 Books in 90 Days!

This Is How You Lose Her

While I have enjoyed reading all of these books, it takes dedication to keep the pace of 10 books a month.  This is why goal setting for me is so important.  So many things have happened in my life over the last 30 days.  If I didn’t set this goal for myself I would not have accomplished reading 30 books in 90 days.  Literally 4 days before, I realized I was only at 29 books and really wanted to stay the pace of 10 books per month.  I have about 10 books at home or on my iPad ready to read, but none of them were really exciting to me at the moment.  I knew in order to get that 30th book read, it would need to be a book I was excited about.  I found it:   (more…)