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My last memoir of this challenge and it was a good one!  Forward is the memoir of global soccer star Abby Wamback.  In a candid, humorous  tone Abby shares the highs of her career and the lows of addiction.  In whole its a summary of a true champion.

Together is Better

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I am embarking on a different journey at work and a very inspirational leader gave me this book as a gift.  First because he knows how much I love reading and this book was written and designed (down to even the smell) for people who love to read. Second, because we (he and I) are on this professional journey together.  The message is simple, yet implicit: Together is Better.  I appreciated the time I took to slow down on a Monday and give this a read over a latte.  “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.” -African Proverb