Lenten Season 2016

It's Not What You Think.jpg

I along with Christians all over the world are preparing my heart, mind, and soul at the beginning of this Lent Season.  Lent (a 40 day season) is a time to reflect, sacrifice, and grow stronger in the Lord in preparation for Easter Sunday.  I often go to church to start Lenten Season and decide what I’m going to give up for the 40 day period.  Last year I followed a reading plan on the Bible app.  I will do that agin this year, but I will also include this read:

 It’s Not What You Think: Why Christianity Is About So Much More Than Going To Heaven When You Die by Jefferson Bethke.   A couple of weeks ago, I came across this book in Barnes and Noble.  It was really the end of the title that caught my attention.  I’ve been a born again believer since a very young age and I think it will be a good chin-check for me during this Lenten season about what I am doing with my Christianity.  The back cover:  (more…)